Woking County Grammar School for Boys memorabilia

Fake News 1960s Style

Video by John Leeming introducing the journalistic adventures of a group of sixth-formers, culminating in a spoof art exhibition

clippings kindly provided by Ken FudgeWGS shield with torch

Woking's drains

Woking News and Mail, July 1960

Woking News and Mail, August 1960

Colonel Polhill's XI

Woking News and Mail, July–August 1960

Woking News and Mail, August–September 1960

Woking Herald, November 1960 & Willesden Chronicle, June–July 1961

Woking Spinsters' Guild

Woking News and Mail & Woking Herald, August–December 1960

Wyke and Normandy Veterans

Surrey Advertiser, November–December 1960

Willesden Society for the Advancement of Science

Willesden Chronicle, December 1960 – February 1961

Ephebians '61

Surrey Herald, July 1961

YouTube video of the spoof art exhibition

The Wokingian

Final issue, July 1977